Sunday, December 20, 2009

Four Messiah Sing-Alongs

Once I learned the alto part for the sing-along at Calvary Presbyterian, I couldn't wait to show off all over town.

So I went to sing-along #2 at Caltech, which was distinguished by a tenor singing the alto solos. That was... different.

Sing-along #3 was a concert at Sierra Madre Congregational Church, which was distinguished by having my dad in the choir. :)

And sing-along #4 was tonight at Lake Avenue Church, distinguished by a big orchestra, a huge audience, and an organist who looked like Harry Potter. You think I'm kidding, do you? Here's Harry Potter:

And here's the organist of Lake Avenue Church:

He looks young but he was brilliant. A Caltech alum as well!

I think that's the last sing-along of the season. Catch ya'll next year. :)

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