Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I am going to have to stop blogging in four months because...

I'm going to be a nun!

I've determined that God is probably calling me to this, and I've finally found the right order! For quite a while I looked around, but it seemed most of the religious congregations I talked to were pretty insular, with the nuns either confining themselves in a cloister or just doing institutionalized works basically assigned by the hierarchy as an extension of their agendas, in Catholic schools and hospitals and the like. After much discernment I realized I was looking for something entirely different, something that would enable me to go out into the world as a minister and preach freely in word and deed as Jesus' first itinerant followers did, developing my unique gifts as a woman in service to those (often on the margins of society) who have been sorely neglected by the institutional church. And I found all this in an order called the Dominican Sisters of Social Justice. Their mission statement sums it up:

The Dominican Sisters of Social Justice, impelled by the Gospel and outraged by the injustices of our day,

*seek truth
*make peace
*reverence life

Stirred by the Wisdom (Sophia) of God and rooted in our contemplative prayer, communal study, and life in community, we challenge heresies of local and global domination, exploitation, and greed that privilege some, dehumanize others, and ravage Earth.

We confront our racist attitudes and root out racist practices in our lives and systems.

We confront systems where women are denied freedom, equality, and full personhood.

We walk in solidarity with people who are poor and challenge structures that impoverish them.

We practice non-violent peacemaking.

We promote lay leadership and shared decision-making for a renewed Church.

We live right relationships with Earth Community.

We claim the communal authority and responsibility of our Dominican heritage. We commit ourselves to live this vision in mutuality, inclusivity and collaboration.

We Sisters are also members of a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization that helps us advocate for the realization of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Here's a video of one of the creative liturgies celebrated by my new community. As a novice I'll be able to opt to take lessons in reiki healing, personality enneagrams, and liturgical dance!

And although this isn't a deciding detail or anything, I really liked the habits worn by this congregation. I've always said if I became a nun I'd insist on a habit with a traditional veil.

There's so, so much else to say about this order, how I found it, and how I discerned that I should enter. But for now, everyone congratulate me. :)

Here are a couple of other posts from around the web on this fine April Fools' Day:

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An interesting story about Brother Ursus, member of a Dominican congregation in England. I have to say that's the cutest Dominican I've ever seen. But once I join the Sisters of Social Justice, I'll give him a run for his money. :)


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

What a great joke, LOL! :)

JimAroo said...

Hey did you see me in the video??? I was the tall guy with the ping pong paddles.

I am relic from the 60s... I thought it was fascinating how many people older than me were there making fools of themselves. Maybe when my generation is all gone, you can lead the restoration, Rachel.

Great Job!

Eanah said...

You know... I did puppets in church for 15 years, and I don't remember any puppets looking even 1% as freaky as those. ;-)

Awesome prank. Had me going for a little bit, I admit, until I read the whole post. You sneaky person you. :)

Rachel Ann said...

"We live right relationships with Earth Community." Ooooo...Earth Community.

Meg said...

You little stinker, you almost had me until I finished reading your post. But you never know....God may still pluck you from this valley of tears.

Great prank sister! Should I start calling you Sister, my sister?

You Go GIRL! :)

Anonymous said...

This is a very dangerous joke to make. Be careful or part of it might come true :)

I like the habit, by the way. Don't think I'll be able to talk my sisters into it (most of them are of an age too respectable to pull it off in the leg department), but I can always try :)

Kelly Clark said...

Cracked me up!

Abbie said...

Oh my, I think my heart literally stopped beating for a moment until I got to the "Earth Community" and realized what day you posted this on... I hope my dog Sophie knows CPR.

JimAroo said...

MrsAroo had smoke coming out of her ears as I read her your post. She is usually a model of equanimity but she was babbling in anger and shock. It was a sight to see!


AlephGamma said...

You had me going until I saw puppets. :)

Lee Gilbert said...

Scared me a bit, to tell you the truth, for you....esp since I didn't see it till April 5th.

You'd obviously make a wonderful and wise nun, since you have such a clear idea of what is folly in religious life and the humor that would see you through many difficulties to...glory.

So then, pursue this wisdom...

Father Schnippel said...

Very good!

Rachel Gray said...

JimAroo, I can't even picture MrsAroo babbling in anger and shock, but I would have paid money to see it!

Anonymous said...

where would such a practice be permitted

Rachel Gray said...

Anon, I don't know what you're referring to.