Friday, April 24, 2009

Best vocations ad ever!

This is a decades-old ad from the Poor Clares in Roswell, but I see by the iPod and website references that they've reissued it. I'll bet they have women beating down the door. :)

Update: I just noticed another difference between these Poor Clares and this kind of order: the Poor Clares have a sense of humor. Those 60's-style nuns take themselves so darn seriously!


Warren said...

I love the Poor Clares.

I am a secular (lay) franciscan, and our Fraternity Religious Overseer is a Felician Sister, which is another smaller Franciscan order of Nuns.

There can never be enough nuns in this world.

I know it was an april fools joke and everything, but hey, wouldn't it be cool if you ended up a nun? :-)


Warren said...

I just read the web page of the Roswell Poor Clares. What a beautiful way to live the gospel.


JimAroo said...

To read a little more about Roswell please see:

By the way....

Is the above Warren the Warren Jewell of Illinois? You sure have a lot of readers in Illinois!!

Anonymous said...

Pax Tecum
thanks for bringing this to my/our attention, most excellent

Rachel Gray said...

Et cum spiritu tuo, Hermit, and that's a great username.

Warren, I love their webpage too; it looks like they're still living the way their former Mother Superior described in A Right to be Merry.

Jim, you should blog more. You're not busy with anything else, right?