Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Funny Catholic videos

I have a backlog of stuff I'd planned to post, so I think I'll embed it all today. My favorite is the ice-skating one. :)

SoulWow: an ad for confession in the style of a late-night infomercial. It can't be wrong when it's so funny. This was not just a parody, but an actual announcement of an actual drive to get New York Catholics to confession before Easter. I don't know how successful the drive was, but the advertising rocked.

A wordless ad for Stella Artois. I understand those are some famous Polish actors playing the main parts.

"Where would the seminarian of the future be without his trusty robot arm?" If you've ever seen those old sci-fi movies about the future, you'll know the tone of this is spot on, right down to the giant atheist martian ants.

This one's long but amusing to young fogies like me. It seems that a few decades ago, when there was a movement to scrap time-honored Church teaching and replace it with 70's kitsch, some high muckamuck in the Northwest suggested that the sacrament of Confession be replaced with a pleasing little ceremony in which the priest would wash the penitent's hands in a bowl. Evidently it didn't occur to the innovator that bowl washing is more associated with Pilate than with Jesus. The idea fortunately went nowhere, until this group of seminarians filmed "The Attack of the Bowl Washer", revealing that the novel rite is in fact a damnable instrument by which an evil infiltrator plans to destroy a whole seminary.

Here's part two of the above. "We must get to Fr. Connall before his fortieth birthday, or else forever he shall be a promulgator of orthodoxy!" When you see the seminarians dipping Nerf darts in holy water and throwing on their cassocks in slow motion to the beat of a rap song, you'll feel that the Church's future is safe in their responsible hands.


Rachel Ann said...

In that first a priest allowed to have sexy hair like that??

Rachel Gray said...

Rachel-- HAhahaAAA!

I saw a priest from an order that still has tonsures....

There's a group called the Legion of Christ whose priests have to part their hair on the left side. They go overboard with the rules.