Monday, February 09, 2009

Sprite cupcakes

You know, I never baked this much till very recently. You'd think I was doing it for the blogging attention, but honestly I think it's because I've discovered other people's blogs with such tempting pictures of whatever they're making that I have to make it too. :)

So Bakerella made a Sprite cake, and I decided to try it in cupcake form. Couldn't find Sprite so I used Sierra Mist, and I couldn't taste it in the batter anyway. I bet water would have worked fine, and the cake didn't need more sweetness anyway. I made only a half recipe-- half the cake mix, half the pudding mix-- and got about 30 mini-sized cupcakes from that. I made a whole recipe of buttercream frosting, since it'll keep well in the fridge, and that way I can eat what's leftover on a spoon use what's left over to frost the other half batch when I make it this weekend. I tinted it pink for Valentine's day, frosted my cupcakes and added some very cute heart sprinkles. Voilà!

Some of the cupcakes in the first shot look reddish inside because I was experimenting with mixing various kinds of sprinkles into the batter. Didn't turn out well; it messed up the way the cupcakes baked and made them fall. The cinnamon red hots were the worst-- they simply sank through the batter to the bottom of the baking cup and melted there into one round cinnamon disk. Kinda funny actually. Didn't interfere with my enjoyment of the cupcake!

The texture of these cupcakes was so incredibly light that once I frosted them they were very top-heavy. They're pretty small, too. Like, so small they jump into your mouth before you know it. That might be why the ones I took to work disappeared within two hours. :)


Meg said...

That's it! Prepare for some company this Saturday! Shall I place my order now? If so, please have one million cupcakes finished by 1pm. Okay, I'll settle for 10 or so to share with my co-workers. You go girl!

Rachel Ann said...



You're always welcome to stop randomly by my house and bring me some. And we need to hang out again! You coming to my party? It may be the last time I get to see you before I move!

jinglehorse said...

In a cheesecake recipe I tried it said to toss the chocolate chips with flour before mixing them in, so they wouldn't sink to the bottom - maybe that would work with sprinkles and cake mix, too?

Rachel Gray said...

That would be worth a try... I know some kinds of sprinkles work, anyway, because I've seen it done.

Meg, your order of a million will be finished in 1000 years or canceled upon my death, whichever comes first. :) Rachel, I am so there.