Friday, February 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, multimedia edition

Here's Jennifer's post.

1. This five-minute video made the rounds a year ago and I'm still loving it: what the FSSP do to churches they take over. The detail I enjoy most is that as the altar starts looking more like an altar, reflexes kick in and the priests and people start genuflecting.

2. It's raining and I love it. Southern California-- never rains enough here for me to get tired of it. I'm also happy today because I have plans to make a bunch of Valentine's Day sweets!

3. Sesame Street's awesome video on how crayons are made:

4. Fatima, Portugal, on October 13, 1917. About 70,000 people were gathered because three children had said they'd seen the Virgin Mary and she was telling people to repent and pray, and she had promised to give a sign at noon on October 13. The people witnessed the sun changing colors and moving around in impossible ways. It was in the newspapers the next day. (This video moves slowly....)

5. My parents' tangerine tree bore so much fruit this year it's ridiculous. Fortunately the tangerines are sweet and tangy and good. I've been bringing large bagfuls to work every day, and they disappear pretty readily. But one day I brought both tangerines and cupcakes, and I noticed that no one touched the tangerines until all the cupcakes were gone.

6. You'd better not take the kitten's broccoli away.

7. If you go here and click on "Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity", you can download a short sermon for Trinity Sunday based on St. Augustine and F. J. Sheed. I was fascinated because this was the first time I'd ever heard anything like it. To sum it up in one inadequate sentence: God the Son is God the Father's idea of Himself, and God the Holy Spirit is the love that the Son and Father have for each other. I'm wondering if this is a well-known belief and I just missed it somehow? When I listened to the sermon it not only made sense, but seemed inevitable: an omnipotent eternal infinite God must be a Trinity. And it gives amazing depth to all the things Jesus said in the Gospels about His Father, like in John 5.

Does anyone know of a book that expands on this concept of the Trinity? One of Sheed's books must have it...


JimAroo said...

Thanks for the link to:

Very cool resource. Love the name audio sancto.

I have not had time to listen to that sermon (such a better word than homily). I immediately got distracted and started listening to little bits of this and that.

But his thesis, as you explained it, sounds a lot like Scott Hahn's position on the Trinity. Dr Hahn then goes on to compare a family and the creative love that produces a child as an icon of the Trinity.

A holy priest once told me that preaching on the Trinity was the shortest path to easy to misstep. As the little boy on the beach told Augustine: "it is easier for me to put the entire ocean in my little hole on the beach than it is for you to explain the Trinity" amd then the boy vanished.

Thanks for the great site and some early morning mental calisthenics.

Unknown said...

I love # 1. Awesome!

Gary Keith Chesterton said...

The book you want is Frank Sheed's Theology and Sanity. I got mine from Ignatius. It is the only book of theology I have read that I couldn't put down. It contains a very full development of Sheed's explanation of the Trinity.

Rachel said...

Jim, that's just how the priest began his sermon, with a comment on how easy it is to slip into heresy if you preach on the Trinity.

My impression is that a homily is a commentary on a certain passage of Scripture, while a sermon may be on any Biblical, theological, religious or moral topic. But the words seem to overlap.

I like the idea of a human family reflecting the Trinity.

GKC, thanks! I've heard of that book before... onto my long reading list it goes.