Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catholic Toast

I'm the only Catholic in my family, but I'm proud to say I've taught my relatives to have proper reverence for the holy Faith. They demonstrated their abiding respect just last Christmas when one of them gave me this dignified calendar:

And as if we needed more proof that they're in awe of my religion, here's another Christmas gift they gave me:

A few days ago when I woke up, I knew that the time had come to make... holy toast. My roommate had purchased some nice square white bread. It was destiny.

So I pressed the stamp into the bread.

But that left no impression so I really had to push it hard.

That looks good.

Into my roommate's handy toaster oven it goes!

But I got distracted, and the toast burned. This completely foils my plan to make a killing on eBay. Now what? What do you do with really dark yet tasty-looking toast?

Well, I know what I did.

Meanwhile, a much better image of our Blessed Mother watched patiently from the kitchen wall. :)


Rachel Ann said...

ha ha HA!

Gary Keith Chesterton said...

Nice bathrobe!

And that is a lovely picture of Our Lady.

Anonymous said...

I love your sense of humor!

Net at

JimAroo said...

Well maybe the image on the Holy Toast maker wasn't the Blessed Virgin Mary after all but someone else....maybe Joan of would explain a lot.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

awesome :)

Rachel Gray said...

GKC, I look so much like my mom in that picture. She has the same hand and the same bathrobe.

Cathlete, thanks so much for the link! I like the font you picked too. :)


Anonymous said...

You're welcome Rachel. I thought that font was a good match to your story too. Happy you liked it. And JimAroo ... how the heck are you? (It was Jim who told me of your blog, Rachel, but maybe I already mentioned that on another comment.)

Peace to all,

Net from

Eanah said...

Wow, that *does* look like your mom's hand. In fact, at first I thought it was. Behold the power of genetics!

Your toast adventure cracked me up! Ha ha. Do it again a little lighter this time, and eBay riches shall be yours!

Oh, and Paul loves those calendars, so I've seen them before. :)

JimAroo said...

Heyyyyyy Nettttt.....Great to know youre lurking here at I.K. How appropriate since you are the one who named me Mr Aroo

Rachel Gray said...

Jim, you'll have to explain the "Aroo" to me some day. Net, I didn't know before how you got here; that's cool!

Heathre-- PAUL loves those calendars?!!1!? Well, I always knew there was something awesome about that man. ;)

Emily said...

Perfect! -e