Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Peanut butter brownie cups

Continuing my parade of gluttony in advance of St. Valentine's Day, I made some peanut butter brownies recently which were such a hit with me that hardly anybody else even knew of their existence before they were gone. :)

I got the recipe from Bake or Break. It calls for making the brownies from scratch and baking in full sized greased cupcake tins. But I used a brownie mix instead, and poured it into paper cups in mini cupcake tins. The paper cups saved me some work, though they had to be peeled away from the brownies slowly and carefully. I think the mini size is much more suitable for these very rich brownies. I had to increase the bake time to about 25 minutes; I guess my mix was thicker than the from-scratch recipe would have been.

After baking the brownies I smooshed down their centers and spooned in some melted peanut butter, then sprinkled peanut butter chips and chocolate chips on top. One box of brownie mix made about thirty of them. It was pretty time-consuming. The eating went a lot faster.

Seriously, I think I'll avoid making these too often in the future. When I make a normal batch of brownies, I eat some and then think, "Okay... that's enough for now." But with these, I kept thinking, "Peanut butter! Brownies with peanut butter! Let me peel and eat another one!" It wasn't pretty.


adonela said...

those look sinful! I feel that my month of "no chocolate" has made me see the evils of that sugary processed body is slowly detoxing.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

You can't do this to a guy whose favorite candy is Reeses, LOL!, much too good ;)

Adrienne said...

OMGosh - my mouth is watering

Abigail said...