Monday, December 01, 2008

Site statistics

I like to amuse myself with my blog's site statistics, which tell me what internet searches have led people to this blog. Here are three recent searches that turned up my blog in the results. Sad to say, I don't think any of these people got what they were looking for from me:
why would need to have your foot infused
white roses for mexican funerals
photographer guardian angel female models
I'm a bit embarrassed that a search for "infused knowledge" in quotes brings up this site first and the Catholic Encyclopedia after it! I'll get over it, though. :)


Eanah said...

Wow, I didn't realize quotation marks were so expensive that people couldn't afford to include them in their searches anymore!


Rachel Gray said...

That frowny face will cost you $0.35. You may add it to your internet tax bill.

Eanah said...


Emoticon Wilson ($1.42) is not impressed with your shenanigans, Missy!

Rachel Ann said...

I get a lot of hits for, "How to tell her you're not interested in her" which has nothing to do with my all. And then, too, I get hits for "kidney transplant incision."

Rachel Gray said...

Rachel, I hope those mistaken "not interested in her" hits find themselves unexpectedly edified by your blog.

Eanah, I searched for "ASCII Art" to impress you but ended up with a link to ASCII depictions of "naked ladies". I don't want to impress you that badly.

Eanah said...

Um, yeah, naked ladies wouldn't really impress me, ASCII or otherwise. lol.

This is gonna look lousy since there's no way to force monospace type in a comment:

.=', ;:;;:,
/_', "=. ';:;:;
@=:__, \,;:;:'
_(\.= ;:;;'
`"_( _/="`
jgs `"'``

Eanah said...

That was a squirrel, by the way. I think it looks more like roadkill when not monospace. :-P

Rachel Gray said...

I guessed it was a squirrel! Though I might not have guessed if it came from anybody but you. :)

Athanasius contra mundum said...

I didn't see the squirrel, although I could never see anything in the magic eye posters either.
My blog gets boring searches like reasons to be catholic, St Christopher, Good Friday 2007 and Christmas Song Riddle has recently become popular. :(