Monday, December 01, 2008

It's ten minutes to midnight

and I'm about to leave the lab, having finished my work for today. :)

What's more, there are at least two people still here working, and about three others only recently left. I'm here because the scope I needed wasn't free till 9 pm, but I'm not sure what everyone else's reasons are. I think they just prefer to work at night!

I remember my first day on this job, about five years ago. I showed up at 8 am, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, only to find that all the rooms were locked and there wasn't a soul in sight. Our boss himself, I soon learned, never turns up before the afternoon.

Well, I left my previous job partly to have more freedom in my schedule, and I got it all right!


John said...

My wife and I are 2-year-old Catholic converts and new to Advent. We know a little more now. We’re aware of time and we are aware of waiting — yet filled with joy.

We watch a lot of EWTN and noticed EWTN’s advent candles in the corner of the TV screen. And you have some too — it was good to come to your blog and see those candles tonight. Thank you.

Rachel Gray said...

Thank Curt Jester, who makes his wreath available for all to steal:

You and your wife sound like me. :) May you have a blessed Advent!