Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jolly good of those Brits!


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Sent: Wed 7/30/08 10:24 PM
Dear Winner,
Winning Notification
This is to notify you that you have won £850,000.00 in  our
online email lottery in which e-mail addresses are picked
randomly by computerised balloting, powered by the Internet.
Your email address was amongst those chosen for this period.
Ticket no: 56475600545 188
Serial no: 5368/02
Winning number: {47}
Draw (#1187)
To claim your prize, please contact:
Fiduciary Agent Mr:Robert Hache,
Yours faithfully,
Dr. Lorraine M. Dodds
Online Coordinator


farfarolla said...

you too! What are we going to do with all our winnings? Do you think I can get a building named after me at SPC?

Grant said...

Wow! I too won the same amount. What are the changes ;-) Maybe I can get a hospital named after me. Better yet, maybe we should name it after Robert Hache considering he is such a great guy!