Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Rare moment of insight

Things have a way of working out for me.  Like last week, when I got stopped for speeding.  "Were you headed somewhere in a hurry?" asked the cop.  "Going to pick up my parents at the airport," I replied.  To my surprise, he let me off with a warning.  LAX turned out to be really crowded that night, the worst I've ever seen, and my parents were very late getting out to the curb.  But I was quite late myself, and so it was perfect timing-- I pulled up to the curb, they found me in minutes, and we were out of there before I was forced to move my car and go around the loop again.  It would have taken longer if the policeman hadn't stopped me.

It's like the charmed life of Bob the Dinosaur:

But I had a rare bad day today: stuff went unexpectedly wrong and people were upset with me.  Feeling depressed, I reread my post below about the dumb personality test, and you know what-- it seemed to describe me well.  Maybe it's not inaccurate after all; maybe my nice life just masks the undesirable aspects of my personality!  I'll do my best not to learn from this. ;)

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