Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adoratrices, part trois

Here's a link to my announcement (it's at the end) that I'm becoming a nun.  For those of you who don't carefully comb through each of my posts. ;)  Now it's time for another installment about the Adorers!  The first post was an account of my visit to them in May and the second post was a collection of links.  Now a friend to whom I still owe an email has sent more links, so here we go:

First, various bulletins of the St. Louis Oratory (an Institute parish) announced the arrival of sisters for the first American foundation... which ended because of illness, but no doubt it'll be started up again.

Next, photos of the convent in St. Louis (I linked to some of these, but here's another set):

A parishioner of the Institute parish of St. Margaret Mary in Oakland has put up a lot of videos-- mainly sermons, and also various other goodies about the Institute if you scroll down.

Best of all, the mother of a candidate in the order is blogging her daughter's story (the letters her daughter wrote home are especially interesting.)

Also, the other girl who visited the motherhouse with me sent me the pictures she took, and hers were much better than mine because she wasn't shy about getting shots of the sisters themselves.  Here they are.

Me eating:

Me drinking after eating:

Me about to eat:

Me concentrating carefully on what I'm about to eat:

That is all.


nazareth priest said...

Love it!!

KAM said...

Did I read that right, your going to become a nun? Excellent! God and all the Saints be with you!

Rachel Gray said...

You read it right-- thank you, KAM! And you, Nazareth Priest. :)

Linda said...

What great pictures! Maybe they'll let you work in the kitchen (-:

Rachel Gray said...

Well, in case they don't, I plan to make all my favorite desserts again before I leave. :)

Vincenzo said...

Yes they need to let you work in the kitchen, and blog too.

Rachel Gray said...

I think the blogging's only going to happen if I sneak downstairs in the middle of the night....

Vincenzo said...

"I think the blogging's only going to happen if I sneak downstairs in the middle of the night...."

Okay then do that. Post lots of cookie, cake, and food pics.

Rachel Gray said...

Get thee behind me, Satan! :)