Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I cannot forbear to advertise this post by my friend Rachel, who's moving up to Oregon in a week, blowing the joint several months before I will.  Who knows when we'll ever see each other again, but prayer unites us wherever we are, and I'm so glad we got a last good talk in.  If I don't say much more about our friendship, it's because she already said it perfectly, and she's the writer. :) She lived in France for a year and learned to speak French. Boy, could I use some of that.

I can't say what we're doing in the picture; it's a great secret-- even to myself.


Rachel Ann said...

I will so miss you.

Randy said...

I was looking for the post where you announce you are going to enter the postulancy. Is there one? Did Rachel Ann reveal more than you wanted her to?

Rachel Gray said...

Rachel, amen! Randy, I snuck the announcement in at the end of Summer Vocations. :) I've been meaning to blog more about it, but I've been too busy preparing to leave!