Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quickest takes yet!

Jen's post is here.

1) Thank you, 48 hour embryos, for not clumping up like the 55-hour timepoint did. It's 11 pm and I shall be heading home. :)

2) Our lab retreat will be tomorrow and Saturday at our fabulous marine lab by the sea in Corona del Mar, California. I'm pleased that I don't have to give a talk-- I can just listen and enjoy.

3) I am so going to make Vietnamese Coffee Jello. I made another dessert tonight, something rather fancy, but I don't have time yet to post about it.

4) Busy busy weekend-- tied up all day Friday and Saturday at the lab retreat, and on Sunday I have lunch plans, and then Archbishop Jose Gomez, L.A.'s new coadjutor bishop (who'll replace Cardinal Mahony when he retires), will be celebrating evening Mass in the San Fernando valley. He's going around to different parishes meeting people. I don't know if I'll stay long enough to talk to him, but if I'm not too tired I'll at least go to the Mass.

5) If I was going to lobby the new archbishop for anything, it'd be for him to invite in the FSSP or the ICKSP, or find some other way of providing at least one parish in this archdiocese of five million Catholics where people can hear a traditional Latin Mass any day of the week without being illicit about it.

6) I have a friend who's getting into Dr. Who and she's picked out a few favorite episodes for us to watch when we get together later. Should be fun! I know almost nothing about the series, but I don't have to because she'll bring me up to speed-- muy conveniente.

7) Oh. Conveniente doesn't mean "convenient"; it means "advisable", according to Babelfish. Darn false cognates.

I have to tell you this story; I don't know if it's true but it's definitely memorable. When I was thirteen years old and went with some other junior highers on a weekend missions trip to Mexico, one of our counselors told us about a high school girl who'd gone on the same sort of trip. This girl spoke a little Spanish, so her pastor urged her to share her testimony at the Mexican church they were visiting. She nervously got up and tried to begin by saying "I'm really embarrassed; it's the pastor's fault!" What she said was, "Yo soy muy embarazada; es la culpa del pastor." Unfortunately, embarazada means "pregnant".

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