Wednesday, June 02, 2010

June has only just begun...

...and already the calendar is full. Late spring and the month of December: those are the times of the year when there's too much going on. I'm spending the first weekend of June visiting another order (but in America this time, thankfully), and the second weekend I'm meeting a friend and I might have to go in to work to inject some sea urchin eggs, and on the third weekend various relatives will be visiting (including the excited-looking baby whose picture I just posted), and the fourth weekend is our lab retreat-- that's when everyone from my work heads down to our fabulous marine lab by the sea in Corona del Mar, and we talk about all the projects we've got going on. It so happens that the Norbertines will be having ordinations that Saturday (June 26) at the basilica in San Juan Capistrano, not far from the marine lab, so I may slip away for a little while to go to that 'cause it's bound to be beautiful. Incidentally, I just heard that someone I know at my parish is probably going to join the Norbertines-- awesome news!

I'm glad for everything that's happening, but wow, I better not waste time this month... there isn't much to waste.

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