Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Literal coffee cake for Father's Day

This weekend was Father's Day and there were three fathers at our house: my own wonderful dad, my uncle from Virginia, and my cousin who's a father for the first time this year. What a great excuse for cake, so... Literal coffee cake! I can always count on Pioneer Woman for the great recipes. This one is not chocolate cake with coffee added; there's no chocolate at all. It's just massive amounts of COFFEE, baby! Follow the link if you want the recipe; all I'm going to do is give you pictures.

I baked the cake in two layers (and incidentally, the 20-22 minutes in the recipe is ridiculous; I gave it 27 and the layers still weren't really done in the middle, even though a toothpick came out clean by 20 minutes. Was it my nonstick pans?)

Then I made the lovely speckled frosting and covered one layer.

You could stop right there, really...

The top layer came out missing a chunk (you really need to butter and flour the pans well). I just shoved the chunk back in there; it'll all be covered with frosting anyway. That's the beauty of cake.

Mom told me you normally frost the sides of a cake and then do the top, but she didn't tell me that until after I'd taken this picture.

Hey, it's only my second time making a layer cake, and I think I'm doing pretty well considering I'm frosting with one hand and taking a picture with the other.

See, it's looking decent now!

Downright yummy.

The little tube of gel frosting I bought at the grocery store had barely enough for me to write this message; you can see I got stingier with "Day". I left my offset spatula in this picture because I just bought it and don't know how I went 32 years without it. I'll give you one guess how it got so clean.

And here's the cake in action! It was quite good, excellent for coffee lovers, and we had it for breakfast the next morning too.

May God bless all fathers, especially mine! (He liked the cake.)


Vincenzo said...

I want this.

Laetitia Crucis said...

Oh my goodness.

*bookmarks recipe*

Must make this.

Rachel Gray said...

Yes, you must. :)

Vincenzo, do you ever visit the L.A. area? I'd make you something.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

You know coming to this blog makes me REALLY hungry :p, we should have one of these Catholic desert day things again ;)

Vincenzo said...

Oh wow thank you. I haven't been there in about 10 years. Will let you know if I ever go again!

"You know coming to this blog makes me REALLY hungry :p,"

It does. I'm staring at the last cake pic, almost hypnotized.. :O~

Rachel Gray said...

Joe, perhaps after a TLM at St. Therese? Vincenzo, come before I manage to get me to a nunnery, and before you all discover the nefarious purpose of my food hypnosis. :)