Monday, May 03, 2010

Stuff I have recently eaten

One lazy weekend at home I made myself a salad for lunch and was so pleased at the sight of it (and of the book of Lewis essays-- reading complements eating so well) that I photographed it.

Later I heated up the griddle to make pancakes, and aesthetically speaking that was less successful.

Here's a good portrait of my boss, looking a bit abstract after someone broke it in many pieces. It was rendered by one of my co-workers in white and dark chocolate and used to top his birthday cake. This post ought to be labeled "Jewish desserts" since that's what our boss is, but c'mon, I don't want to make a whole new category. :)


Rachel Ann said...

Your boss man looks like Einstein.

Rachel Gray said...

He does!

Vincenzo said...

"Your boss man looks like Einstein."

That was my first reaction.
Now I'm craving pancakes. I love super thin crepe-like ones that my Grandma used to make w/ real maple syrup.
I voted for you! Get more people to go there.

Rachel Gray said...

Thanks Vincenzo! A man of discriminating taste in food and in blogs. ;) You gotta have real maple syrup.