Monday, May 03, 2010

An excellent weekend

Here's what happened on Saturday: I drove to the evening Mass at St. Peter Chanel and picked up my friend Adonela on the way. We were chatting about the confirmation classes she teaches, and evidently I wasn't paying attention as a driver should, because just as I was ready to pull into the church parking lot I saw flashing lights in the rear view mirror. It was a cop pulling me over. She informed me I'd blown right through a stop sign on the corner, and then she took my driver's license and disappeared to write me a ticket. Adonela told me that that same cop had nabbed most of the ladies in the church office too, at that very corner. One of the ladies had tried pleading her way out of the ticket, but the officer was relentless.

Suddenly the officer came rushing back. She shoved my license in through the open window and hurriedly said, "You got lucky; I have a call to go to!" And off she went. Adonela and I looked at each other stunned for a moment, and then burst into relieved laughter.

Here's what happened on Sunday: I sang in the Duruflé concert, and as predicted I made mistakes I'd never made in rehearsal, but it didn't matter-- I had a lot of fun and was impressed by how much better we sounded with an orchestra there to play with us. The church was pretty full, which was gratifying. I wish we could give the concert ten more times, now that we've learned it! When I thanked the director he said I'll always have the Requiem with me now and I'll look for performances of it and such, and he's quite right. When I first heard it I didn't think it was as satisfying as older, more melodic pieces of classical music, but the more I learned it the more I loved it. Maybe it's an acquired taste for people like me who don't readily appreciate classical music unless it hits over the head like the 1812 Overture. Whatever the case, I liked Duruflé's Requiem better with every rehearsal and now I see why some people call it one of the most beautiful pieces that they know.

Also: went out for Thai food with the six lovely people I know who were able to come to the concert. Thanks, guys!


JimAroo said...

She writes a lot of tickets every day when she is around and has nothing else to do. This is good police work in HG. Every driver gets a free warrant check and every car pulled over gets a make run on it. You can bet she finds parole violators, outstanding warrants, and stolen cars all the time. Good job, deputy!

The residents appreciate it especially when we can snag some Arcadia money for the city treasury. Too bad you couldn't make a contribution. Maybe next time!

Here is a free tip...she parks in the delivery driveway at the Middle School.

Rachel Gray said...

All that sounds great, but I think the officer should also try to police the wild pedestrians who walk over to St. Peter Chanel every day from their homes next door. Those darn car-free folks must not escape her!

adonela said...

I'd like to think that if the officer handed over a ticket to Jim he would hand over a registration form to the next Spiritual Exercises class.

Rachel Gray said...

What a great thought. :) And you could be right behind Jim with the forms she needs to get her children baptized!