Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Joseph cookies

I made these cookies for St. Joseph's Day. Perhaps I was a bit obscure-- do you Catholics recognize what the shape is supposed to be?

The recipe is these white chocolate spice cookies, which I also used to make St. Nicholas cookies in December. A cake store near home sells cookie cutters shaped like all the capital letters of the alphabet, and I bought the L.

You know one reason I like my Catholic dessert category? Before, if I made cookies I was just being gluttonous. Now I'm admirably pious! For my next act I'll be converting some molten chocolate lava cakes to Catholicism.

Update: Good, VA got it. It's the straight edge carpenters use, which artists sometimes put in St. Joseph's hand so you'll be sure to know who he is.


VA said...

One of those hook thingies you use to get straight edges in carpeting?

...come to think, it's probably called a straightedge. (In Dutch we call it a "winkelhaak", or "shop hook". Not sure why.)

Rachel Gray said...

Well, there's a tool the English call an "adjustable spanner" but Americans refer to as a "monkey wrench", so I'm not going to criticize any other language here. :)

Rachel Ann said...

A boomerang.

Rachel Gray said...

My mom thought stockings. :)