Saturday, March 06, 2010

Recent pictures from my life

Just to prove I wasn't lying about that tres leches cake:

I made some chocolate star cookies as well, to use up the last of the frosting, and thought I'd decorate some like little scarlet pimpernels:

Most I decorated like this:

We're going to have peaches this year! If the recent rain hasn't destroyed all the peach blossoms.

Check out this ironic screenshot of an entry on a medical website and the ad that was assigned to load with it.

I saw that screen shot two days again, and then yesterday I came downstairs to find that the kitchen table settings had changed... to this:

It's enough to make me anatidaephobic! But nothing will make me anatiferous.

Speaking of produce from our yard, the peaches and tangelos and tangerines and Valencia oranges and navel oranges and boysenberries and sweet peas and herbs are all great, but watch out for the lemons-- they're a bit aggressive.

They often grow with curved spiky ends, but this is the first time I've seen one grow a long finger like that.

Contemplate it in different lighting...

...and from different angles...

...and it's still pretty strange!

I mentioned the hard rain we've been having. It's awesome. Transforms our front yard into a fairyland.


Warren said...

You have GOT to send that in to

Srsly. I think the peanut-that-looks-like-a-duck is watching you.

If you don't send it in, and forward this blog comment to three people right now, someone you know will experience anatidaephylatic shock.


Rachel Gray said...

Oh my. Proof that there is indeed a website for everything!

I hope I have an occasion to use "anatidaephylatic shock" in conversation one day.