Friday, November 13, 2009

Seen any Christmas lights yet?

On Wednesday night I saw that a house near ours had its lights up. These were icicle lights; no mistaking them for Thanksgiving decorations or Halloween holdovers. Then the very next night I saw a lit-up wreath on someone's door. Don't these people know how to procrastinate? Also, our first Christmas catalog of this year arrived in... August.

Stop the madness!

First Things has a poem called "Advent Carol" in its latest (December) issue:

Advent's dreary. Let's start living
Christmas now! Wear red and green!
While we're at it, skip Thanksgiving!
Deck the halls at Halloween!

Update: So I just received the December issue of Martha Stewart Living, with a bunch of Christmas recipes, and I thought I'd better clarify that of course I never meant to include cookie baking in my rant. :)

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