Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mocha Madeleines

I saw a recipe for coffee-flavored madeleines in the December 2009 issue of Martha Stewart Living and decided I needed to buy a madeleine pan and make it. :) I didn't realize that madeleines are really meant to be mini cakes, not cookies. So these weren't as dense and chewy and flavorful as I had envisioned, but heck, I'll take 'em. I'll type up the recipe if anyone wants it, but mainly I just wish to torment you with pictures. :D

Update: The recipe is here. I would add the following notes: I used a mini madeleine pan, which made about three dozen. I found that filling the molds a little more than level gave a better shape than underfilling them. (So fill them more than you see in my second picture. The third picture where they puff up sweetly came from overfilling the tins. The fourth picture where they're falling out of the pan shows the rough edges you get if you underfill.) Dipping the madeleines in melted chocolate instead of glaze might be worth trying. Any ground coffee beans should work; you don't need espresso beans. Greasing the tins with butter and powdering with cocoa isn't necessary if you have a nonstick pan. If you think it's ridiculous that the recipe calls for 3/4 cup of one kind of flour and 1/4 cup of another kind-- you're absolutely right. Just use a cup of normal flour. The recipe says to refrigerate overnight, but one hour was enough. I suspect you don't really have to melt the butter either. If I did this recipe again I'd just soften it and beat it in, and then I probably wouldn't need to refrigerate the dough at all. That nonsense about "fold flour mixture into egg mixture in 2 additions using a rubber spatula" can be ignored. Just mix it in any old way. Also-- a cake tester?? In my universe they're called toothpicks. Did the recipe's author think we'd be more impressed if she made everything harder? End update.

(If you're wondering: why yes, I have been in a baking mood lately. THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE!)

So I made a delicious batter with ground coffee beans.

And filled my mini madenleine tins.

They puffed up so sweetly. :)

The recipe called for buttering and powdering all the molds to prevent sticking, but I had a non-stick pan and the madeleines fell right out.

Made a glaze with powdered sugar, brewed coffee, and more ground coffee beans.

And it was time to dip the cookies!

Yes, that looks good. But does it taste any good?


A counterfull of yummy madeleines!

So cute.

I packaged them for transport to an undisclosed location.

Up next: Santa Claus faces! Really fun to make!

That's assuming I don't make anything else in between now and December 6...