Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The last day of September

What's your favorite time of year? I think this is mine. Halloween and Thanksgiving and Advent and Christmas are all before us. Just as I started wanting summer to end, it suddenly cooled off a little and now I can feel that fall is here (it helps that our yard is covered in maple leaves.)

I mean, my real favorite season is winter and my favorite time of year in Christmas, but that all seems so otherworldly somehow, hard to imagine when it's not here, and it goes by in no time, or I'm too distracted to take it all in when it's here. So right now, at the end of September, with three whole months to anticipate-- this is my favorite time.


Anonymous said...

I love this time of year, but one of my best friends is moving to another continent (yours, to be exact, darn you 'mericans and your top universities!) at the end of November. So I'm not happy that it's October already :(

Rachel Gray said...

Not only that, Venite, but you're next-- come to southern California and we can meet! ;)

JimAroo said...

"venite....come to southern California.."

so are you saying:

venite, venite?

Heather said...

So it turns out LiveJournal is made of epic fail and evil, and is doing a very poor job of delivering your posts to me. So much for their RSS reader. :-P So hey! Lookie! Lots of Flori posts! *dashes around getting caught up*

P.S. I love October because my birthday is coming up and I'm apparently five years old, ha ha.

NC Sue said...

My favorite time is definitely autumn. I look at all the beautiful fall colors, and I can't help but imagine God... up in heaven... with a box of paints... saying

Here's some red! and orange! and I think I want some yellow! and green! and brown!

Splashing the world with color.

Rachel Gray said...

Jim, I certainly would have said that if I'd been clever enough.

Heather, if you're five I'll give you my My Little Ponies for your birthday. :) Or perhaps my paper cutout model of the Enterprise would be more your thing, even at five...

Sue, that's about how I feel any time I see something really beautiful. God is an amazing artist!