Saturday, September 12, 2009

In which I critique a stranger's future goals

Over at, you can see public but anonymous letters to the future. Here's an excerpt from one:

Dear FutureMe, How is life going? I hope you are happy in your life and things are going as you wish. The following is a list of future achievements that i hope you have achieved by now

1. Salary = approx $100,000/year (Job in computer area, network administration?)
2. Beautiful New Black BMW
3. Nice house. Possibly on a lake.
4. Beautiful Wife or Girlfriend.
5. Spiritual Ascension. Hopefully this was achieved by 2012-2013.

Thats justs a list of what i hope my future is, has become.

I note that in the Christian understanding, his pursuit of the first four goals could be a hindrance to the fifth. And the fifth goal is far more precious and difficult than his plan to have it all achieved and done with in four years would indicate. But perhaps by "spiritual ascension" he means something specific, technical, and far removed from what it would mean to me.


Warren said...

Except he has no idea, nor do I, if what he really means by #5 is "reality" or merely spirituality as a "fashion accessory". Like it was some kind of black belt. The term "ascension" indicates no longer living on this physical plane at all. In which case, can I have his beautiful black new BMW? Won't his beautiful new wife or girlfriend be lonely when he heads to the fifth dimension?



HotConflict said...

The Ascension is a process of change, it will be experienced by everyone on the planet at some point. Many people are using the terms Enlightenment, Ascended Masters, Way Showers, Path Showers, LightWorkers, Starseeds, Indigos, Rainbow Warriors, etc. No matter what the term,the process is happening NOW!

Gary Keith Chesterton said...


Rachel Gray said...

You got me, but I find it a little worrisome, actually...