Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some other nun's way

Mother Mary Francis writes of the common religious life:

If you want to scent out a potential Poor Clare saint, do not pause overlong at the nun who accomplishes great laborious feats single-handed, but look for the one who is big enough to do things some other nun's way. Just to let herself be lost in an ever-unscattering crowd can be a woman's martyrdom.... "Use your initiative," our Lord urged Sister Mary of the Trinity, "in leaving to others the pleasure of commanding."

Mery gave me an example of how hard this can be. There was an aspirant in a monastery who was helping to make salad. A nun instructed her to rinse off the lettuce leaves in warm water. The aspirant quite naturally wanted to rinse them in cold water, but the nun insisted that she use warm.

She couldn't stand it and ended up leaving the monastery.

Such a simple task... just rinse the lettuce the stupid way if that's what they want... but I can see how a thing like that would stick in your craw.

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Following is the hardest thing to do -- whether it is people or God.