Friday, August 14, 2009

Pair of nuns help Mo. police nab robbery suspect

Pair of nuns help Mo. police nab robbery suspect

Thu Aug 13, 6:25 pm ET

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – Thou shalt not steal — especially within sight of a convent. Police in Independence, Mo., are crediting a pair of nuns with helping nab a gun-toting man suspected of burglarizing two homes Thursday morning.

Around 7 a.m., one of the women glanced out a window of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Eucharist convent and spotted a suspicious man walking through a soybean field. She and another nun headed outside to see if the man was lost or hunting illegally.

They saw the man was carrying a shotgun, boxing gloves and other items. When they began to question him, the man ran into nearby woods.

One of the nuns gave chase, wearing her ankle-length habit and flip-flops. He got away, but the 49-year-old nun was able to describe him later to police, who made an arrest.

Woohoo! Not sure I'd chase a guy with a gun, but I love that she did. They need to put that story on their website, from which I learn that their charism, in part, is "to be little and humble, hidden like Jesus in the Holy Eucharist." This of course does not preclude being brave and putting the beatdown on bad guys. Here's a picture from the site of some of them, so you can imagine 'em running after a crook. I wonder what he thinks of nuns now.

H/T to Ironic Catholic.

Update: Another story about it, which clarifies that he'd dropped the gun by the time Sr. Catrina gave chase.


JimAroo said...

Complete Charism:

To be little and humble
in imitation of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist
and to be loyal to the
Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Also a strong daily prayer life, a distinctive religious habit, and they live in community with a superior. That's all I need - they go on the JimAroo approved list.

Rachel Gray said...

Just what I thought when I read it. And any community that gags at the "little and humble" part is off the list.