Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unfortunately, Rachel...

Have you seen this meme? Google "unfortunately [your name here]" in quotes and see what you get. :) My results:

Unfortunately, Rachel can't be left alone and the social services needed for her to live an "adult life" are unavailable.

Unfortunately, Rachel’s little plan withers and almost dies when she discovers that what she thought was going to be the man of her dreams is actually an old classmate she herself left heartbroken several years before.

Unfortunately, Rachel’s knack for getting into trouble attracts a different kind of attention, but her way of viewing the world, full of hilarious personal theories, allows her to rationalize the unfairness of life.

Unfortunately, Rachel chose to ignore precautions. The choice ultimately led to her murder

Unfortunately, Rachel has yet to contact me for our first date.

Unfortunately, Rachel was never claimed by anyone.

Unfortunately, Rachel was crushed to death that day.

Unfortunately, Rachel's vigilante lifestyle and independent nature clash with Rodney's deep devotion and desire to marry.

Unfortunately, Rachel is wearing my grandmother's curtains.

Unfortunately, Rachel had already ordered the ladder to be removed and I could do nothing but cling to the crown of the tree.

Unfortunately, Rachel becomes dangerously infatuated with Professor Starkman, and decides that she'll be his teaching assistant, no matter what the cost.

Unfortunately, Rachel was downright unattractive and proved to be distracting to look at.


JimAroo said...

Unfortunately Jim’s orange dry suit made him look like a carrot

Unfortunately Jim used the only bit of freedom he felt he had left to perpetuate all of the other bad choices

Unfortunately Jim passed away before the plaque was finished

Unfortunately, Jim is only one person with a limited amount of time available to help Jane find answers to her questions.

Unfortunately Jim has moved to Boston, so I won’t see him, but that’s only a 8 hour drive from Ottawa, so I might get down there
About this entry
Well I wouldn't be caught dead (plaque or no plaque) wearing a orange dry suit when I made the bad decision to see Jane in Framinghham.

Heather said...

Ha ha, I love that meme. You picked some great ones! Poor Rachel seems to lead quite the soap opera life, eh?

Rachel Ann said...

Well, you already did it for me. I like "Unfortunately, Rachel was crushed to death that day."

Rachel Gray said...

Yeah, it's like I wouldn't have known it was unfortunate if they hadn't told me. :)

Jim, wear the orange dry suit to Mass some day. I'm sure we'd all appreciate that.

JimAroo said...

The Bridesmaids in our wedding had orange wonder no one laments the good old days of the 70s.