Friday, March 27, 2009

Theology 911 exam

Right here!

Also, this post on bishop fashion makes me want to bow to the blogger who wrote it, chanting, "I'm not worthy!"


Eanah said...

"5. Imagine you have the stigmata. Would it affect your productivity at work? Would you still be admitted into fine restaurants? Would it be covered by your medical insurance, or should it constitute a pre-existent condition?"

This cracked me up so badly. Funny quiz! You find awesome links. :) Hope you're feeling better! (I finally am. I turned the corner yesterday.)

Mery Widjaja said...

The bishop fashion was so funny, I posted the link to my FB :-)

JimAroo said...

#1 Christ was born. Christ died. Christ will come again.
#2 Martin would have taught Clement true humility and Barth would have taught him that The Bible is the Word of God - Jesus is the word of God - The bible is Jesus. So who would need a reformation?
#3 Do no harm.
#4 I can do the recitation...but you will have to trust me since you cant understand what i am saying.
#5 Still admitted to restaurants as long as I don't smoke. Not covered by health insurance (see acts of God exclusion)
#6 The sound of one hand not clapping?
#7 Mortal sin because they are causing the teller to work overtime because of their long debate.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but let me assure you, you ARE worthy! You ARE!

All one needs is a normal British sense of humour, with a medium to generous sprinkling of school bullying, a healthy exposure to death and funerals, and a cynical sense of humour that occasionally borders on bitterness. Apparently people find the end result giggle-worthy. I am the one who is not worthy ;)

Rachel Gray said...

JimAroo, excellent answers!

Puella, thank you. :) My favorite was the bishop who knows what I did last summer... creepy.

Eanah, I'm much better, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. :)