Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Joseph's Day feast

The St. Patrick's Day feast at my parents' house had two days to settle before my friends and I all got together again on the 19th for St. Joseph's Day at our apartment.

St. Joseph is the patron saint of Italy, so we had mostly Italian food: pizza, lasagna, artichoke dip, garlic bread, olives, a bruschetta-type thing, and for dessert, tiramisu and cake soaked in Italian cream liqueur.

Here's Carolini's Italian Cream. So good!

No, it's not left over from St. Patrick's Day. What could make you think that?

We prayed Vespers together (it was for St. Joseph that day, of course) and my mom, who likes the Liturgy of the Hours, brought her breviary and joined us. She was the lone Protestant there and listened bemused to our talk of relaxing our Lenten fasts for the feast day. "So that's how it works," said she, "you Catholics are pretty sneaky!" As she left she called out, "I'll see you on the next feast day, which will be what, two days from now?" We were all glad she'd come; it was one of the few occasions we get together when she wasn't cooking a big meal for us all. :)

Our friends Chris and Karen honored us by bringing over their new baby, who was celebrating his first name day! I tried to slip little Joseph in my pocket, but the selfish couple insisted on taking him home with them.

So after they left we consoled ourselves with the Carolani's Italian Cream. I don't know much about alcohol but I was advised to try it on the rocks (yummy!) and to blend it with ice and vanilla ice cream (even better!). We all enjoyed the Carolani's shakes. "This is much better than studying an encyclical," remarked one of our number, shocking us all. Let us draw the curtain of charity over her name.

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Meg said...

Awesome party for St. Jospeh! Glad to hear all went well. Sorry I missed it but I had more pressing matters to attend.

Sorry I missed the opportunity of meeting your Mom. Well, like she said, hopefullly we'll see each other on the next feast day. :)