Thursday, January 15, 2009

No baking till I lose some weight

That's what I had just told myself when I saw that Bakerella had come up with this. Chocolate chip cookie brownies with chocolate ganache on top. Three kinds of indulgence mashed together; it's just ridiculous! That dessert has no justification! I must make it!


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

eat, it's good :), Lent doesn't start until next month ;)

Rachel Ann said...

Three kinds of indulgence mashed the Trinity?

adonela said...

yummy! Maybe you can make them for me next year. For the time being though I insist you consume the servings I would otherwise have.

Rachel Gray said...

Joe, I know, I've got a one-month deadline to lose the weight before I fast all sweets for forty days... IF I decide to fast sweets this year. :)

Rachel, Chef Athanasius had this to say on the subject:
"That we eat one dessert in threeness, and threeness in one, neither confounding the Flavors, nor dividing the Dessertness.
For there is one Flavor of the Brownie, another of the Chocolate Chip Cookie, and another of the Chocolate Ganache.
But the Lusciousness of the Brownie, of the Chocolate Chip Cookie, and of the Chocolate Ganache, is all one, the Tastiness equal, the Calorificity combined.
Fattening as the Brownie is, such is the Chocolate Chip Cookie, and such is the Chocolate Ganache.

The shorthand form: "Distinction in Flavor, Unity in Deliciousness".

Adonela, you are a most valuable friend.