Sunday, January 11, 2009

A discussion group milestone

After more than half a year, our little group of friends has finally made its desultory way through to the end of Humanae Vitae, meeting intermittently to read and discuss it. (While eating Catholic desserts.) We highly recommend it. (The encyclical and the dessert-eating.) Tonight we were also enjoying the last of the Christmas decorations, as they're generally taken down by the Baptism of the Lord. Mery was sorry to see the Advent wreath go and suggested we just get some green Ordinary Time candles for it, but I'm not sure that idea's gonna go anywhere.

Lowlights of tonight's discussion:

Mery: Someone said that in Heaven you're fully you but at your best moment. Like you're you, but--

Christie: At my ideal weight!

Years of spiritual direction Christie had, from a wonderful spiritual priest, and this is what we get.

Adonela: Did you realize that Chris and Karen's baby is due around Super Bowl Sunday? What if it's born on that day and Chris has to decide what's more important?

Mery: Yeah, time to give up the baseball!

Years of spiritual direction Mery had, from a huge sports fan of a priest, and this is what we get.

My friends remark that I never quote myself saying anything weird on my blog, but of course that's because everything I say is sensible.

(Either that, or this entire blog is weird quotes from me.)

I wrote most of this post with the friends looking over my shoulder; there's no telling what it would say if I hadn't!


Adrienne said...

Well if Christie isn't right, I'm in trouble 'cause every year I teach our RCIA class that I'm going to be tall and thin.

And as a funny side note - my nephew was born on the day of first Super Bowl game (I think that was before you were born). My Mom was a football fan and she stood there and looked at my sister-in-law and screeched, "Not NOW!!!"

Adrienne said...

....and - is that you in the picture?? Huh, huh? Inquiring minds want to know!

Rachel Gray said...

Yup, I'm on the left, and we're missing one or two other people. :) Your mom's hilarious. "Oh, sorry, I'll just halt the contractions for a while!"

Fr. Fernando, OMV said...

I think I know all these ladies. Good job with Humanae Vitae

JimAroo said...

The baby is due on Ground Hog day and the most famous ground hog is
Punxsutawney Phil.... so I told Chris they should name the baby Phil.. and he said without hesitation:

"and the middle name will be ippino"

that boy is quick.