Sunday, January 04, 2009


Some words that would make lovely names if they didn't already have meanings:

Latae Sententiae

I'm sure there are many more. :)

In Swaziland I met a Tandegele (tan-de-GEE-lay). So pretty. Also there was a wonderful young man named Sifiso (suh-FEE-so), which means "wish", because his mother had wished for a boy. :) On the other hand there was a man named China, whose mother had said, "He looks Chinese!" when he was born. He's just as African as the other Swazis, with perhaps a slightly flatter face, but anyway that's what she named him.


farfarolla said...

Compared to the "names" mentioned I think Gertrudis is perfectly normal.

Rachel Gray said...

At the baby shower there was a basket of notecards for us to write advice to the parents-to-be. I wrote that the name Gertrudis is optional. :)

Eanah said...

I knew a girl named Blu Jean. Yup.

Rachel Gray said...

That's just wrong. :)

I know a woman named Sweet, which isn't too bad.

Then there's Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. A poor 9-year-old got a court order to have it changed. Normally I hate courts usurping parental authority, but...

Adrienne said...

Margerine?? I'd rather be named Butter (Sweet Cream Butter to be precise)