Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I think I'm called to be a seminarian

I have a friend who's a seminarian in Rome, and now and then I hear about the cool stuff he gets to see and do there. Today he emailed everybody with a link to this news photo.

"Besides the pope and the queen of Belgium," he wrote to us, "do you recognize someone else in the photo?"

Yup. That's our friend holding the candle!

I'm not jealous or anything.


veniteadoremus said...

I thought only the queen of Spain was allowed to wear white in the presence of the Pope?

Maybe it's Catholic queens, period. That will be interesting when our heir apparent becomes king (he was chucked out of the English line of succession for marrying a Catholic, good thing he had the Netherlands as a backup).

Rachel Gray said...

All the Catholic queens wear white. I wonder how that tradition got started?

I didn't know that about your heir apparent. So he's still Protestant? His wife might have to define the tradition for Catholic queens married to non-Catholic kings.

JimAroo said...

Looking for a familiar face in the photo? I thought it was Rudy Giuliani in the background with his finger on his nose. Ya think?

Rachel Gray said...

Well, as long as he's not receiving Holy Communion...