Saturday, October 17, 2009

Further refinement of Candy Corn Cookies

My friend Linda saw this post and decided to make her own candy corn cookies in two varieties. Being a wonderful person, she brought some of the results to church on Friday to share with me! So once again, here's real candy corn:

And here's Linda's candy corn. I definitely liked the look of them without nuts.

Little did Linda know that I had picked yesterday to fast on bread and tea (significantly easier than a bread and water fast-- you still get your caffeine fix, and of course tea requires lots of cream and sugar! Okay, St. Jean Vianney I'm not, but then I never claimed to be.) So her gift certainly enhanced the penitential nature of my ascetic practice, but that just made me look forward to today all the more. First thing I did when I got up today was photograph the cute little cookies.

"I wanted to use lemon extract for the yellow," Linda told me, "but I couldn't find any, so I used butter rum. My husband sat down and ate two dozen of them!"

Yikes, two dozen! I cannot imagine eating two dozen of these cookies in one sitting, mainly because Linda didn't give me quite that many. :) By the way, guess what I had for breakfast today?

(On a related note, whatever smugness I felt about my awesome Catholic desserts was just knocked out of me by a blogging mom and her cupcake rosary.)


Linda said...

OK, you caught me, I exaggerated! It probably wasn't 2 dozen, but he DID like them :-) and it was butter flavor for the yellow and rum for the orange!

Rachel Gray said...

Ohhhh, thanks for the correction! And I actually didn't find it at all far-fetched to eat two dozen; they're small, after all... or else my stomach is large. :)