Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is that infused knowledge flowing into your head?

Someone asked the above about my nifty alien girl icon, so I thought I'd explain that it was an illustration for an article about gene therapy, which (for now, anyway) is delivered to patients' cells using viruses. Our scientist girl is levitating a a virus, illustrating her mastery of gene therapy, and evidently she's also receiving some treatment herself through the nifty portal in her head. No doubt it will cure the nasty condition that's causing her skin to be green. I picked her for an avatar because she's a redhead, she does scientific stuff, she has magical powers, and she's stunningly beautiful, and almost all these things are true of me!

But I rather like that "infused knowledge" theory, and it would certainly explain why I have always felt myself qualified to pronounce judgments on topics about which I have studied very little and reflected even less.

In fact, now I almost feel like naming my blog "Infused Knowledge". It's suitably theological and highly pretentious! "Would You Like Blog With That" is merely a placeholder since I couldn't think of anything better and I don't want to change names until I've got one I truly like...

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Benjamin said...

Sometimes I think you have magical powers too.