Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I interrupt my preparations to bring you this short conversation

A month or two ago I was talking with a friend who was about to enter the Nashville Dominicans:

Her: "There are two other postulants there who just graduated from high school, so I'm glad I won't be the only 18-year-old."

Me: "That's nice.  They have a lot of young sisters in Nashville.  Supposedly their age range for entry is 18-30 years old, but they let me visit when I was older.  Actually the Adorers' limit is 30, but they're still letting me enter."

Her: "Yeah, one of the girls in our postulant class is 34."

Me: "Well, speaking as a 32-year-old, I'm grateful that these orders with low age cutoffs are willing to bend their limits.  I'll bet the 34-year-old is happy about it."

Her: "Yeah, she'll be like a mother to us!"

(On reflection I realized it was a very sweet thing to say, implying love, respect, and emulation.  But it sure made me realize I'm not eighteen anymore!)


Anonymous said...

Oh boy Rachel! I know how that feels =( but I am determined to be young at heart forever and ever..

30-year old Dinora.

Rachel said...

Amen, Dinora. :)